Week 3 – La Paz – the first film shoot


Film shoots – 1

Food poisoning – 1

Street Parties – 1

Altitude – 3600metres


IMG 3309


La Paz is an unlikely city.  It all started in a valley 200 odd years ago and has since spread across the mountains so that the houses hang off the cliffside and the only public transport is a very new Gondola system.  It’s beautiful and it’s chaos where you take your life in your hands every time you drive.

Full of inspiration after our Herzog chat we went out into the city to find our filmmakers.  We had a few contacts from our night out but, while waiting to meet up with them we started flagging people down on the street who had faces like they might just be filmmakers.

How to spot a filmmaker……

– thick rimmed glasses

– beards

– skinny jeans (yes that has made it to La Paz)

– a confident swagger

Crazy you may say and to be fair through this rather rugged system we met architects, travellers who couldn’t speak English or Spanish BUT we also met a friend of a friend of a friend of a filmmaker who pointed us in the direction of the local ‘art-house’ cinema and it’s director which led us to….


IMG 3343


I am delighted to introduce (from the left) Gilmar – writer and director of our 1st short film, Joaquin – actor (though actually a director himself whose 1st short was at the Berlin Film Festival this year!) Dani – actor, and Simon – sound and co-director.

We’ve decided that just filming interviews is a little boring, so we’re going to make short films.  As pictures are worth a thousand words – here is a taster of where our first short took us.

IMG 3411

From a street party in El Alto, to a house party at Sylvia’s house (top left) to a manifestation for animal rights….so far, so good.





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