Week 1: Buenos Aires to Salta


The stats:

Screenings 1

Spanish – poor to OK

Kilometres – 1900

Some last minute gardening to keep the rose bush in check for the summer and I’m off.

Luggage: Camera Kit, a car stereo, very little clothes, a Laphroaig Whiskey, yoga mat, tent, computer, Spanish grammer book.

British Airways as alway a fantastic choice as I glide through customs with a 26 kilo bag and 2 backpacks that far outweigh what hand luggage should be.

Arrive in Buenos Aires!: a bustling metropolis of chaotic corners and tranquil avenues.  Where most of the buildings seem to be flats and you’re never quite sure where the offices are.



Location: Buenos Aires, Club Cultural Matienzo

Audience: The crew and their mates.

Numbers: 54

Reaction: Awesome! No one took offence even though I now realise our film makes hardly any reference to Argentina at all.  A few laughs in completely different places than where we thought we’d put them.  And the scares work the same.

For the first time, the crew understood what the film was about!  Hardly any of the completely Argentine crew  had read the script (apart from the HODs). On the shoot this was absolutely perfect as it meant a level of politeness and camaraderie remained for the 6 weeks we were together – we didn’t know how to gossip/be rude to each other…so we remained great friends instead.

So then it was off to Salta on a 22 hour bus ride.  The buses in Argentina have business class type seats because the journeys are so long.  Normally the buses go from Retiro station (see below)

retiro bus station


However our bus stop looked like this:



The cheapest bus we could find, and, it turns out….not entirely legal….as we set off and the lady managing all the passengers told us all to tell the police, should we be asked, to say we were all tourists travelling to Salta for Easter…..dodgy….

So now in Salta for the next screening for the crew from here.



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