Start….go on I dare you.

To get stuck in.  To begin. To take the leap.

Right.  OK.  Damn.

Just met another filmmaker in The Fields Beneath (best coffee in Kentish Town), and waxed lyrical about how the internet might just save us independent filmmakers.  “Imagine a future where we engage our communities as we develop a project!” I said.  “Where we can then reach out to that community and have them come and see our work!” I said.  “Where the line between commercial and art is no longer an issue because we have direct engagement with our audience!” I concluded.

Needless to say, he was a bit overwhelmed, probably because he just wanted a chilled chat, not one riddled with exclamation marks. But  perhaps, he also thought he could travel the world and explore his own projects and find a way to make that a viable plan……

I walked home through the park (a poor excuse for a dog toilet) feeling pretty smug.  Yes.  That was worth passing on.

And then it dawned on me.  I have done NONE of what I suggested to him to do!  I hardly engage or share so how the hell do I know whether it works or not?!  When I think of the logistics it sounds crazy – so much content, so little to say, such a big sea, such a small voice.

So this is an experiment…let’s see what happens.


Over the last 5 years I have followed the likes of Ted Hope and Lance Weiler who all speak so hopefully about the fact we can make it on our own if we reach out and engage with our audience throughout the process.  I’ve also just read an awesome book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon who has changed my perspective and made me think about sharing in a different way.

  • I don’t want to or have to market. I want to engage a like minded community.
  • I don’t want to sell, I want to provide a valuable service.
  • I don’t want to spam, I want to share my process.


So – with this in mind. I bring you to my next venture:

I am going on an adventure from Argentina to Columbia to discover filmmakers out there.  In this blog I am going to tell this story.

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